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Ouran Host Club OC Character Chizuru Hitachiin #4 by SachiShirakawa
Ouran Host Club OC Character Chizuru Hitachiin #4
Name Kanji:     常陸院 千鶴 Hitachiin, Chizuru
Age:                14 (Anime)
                       15 (Manga)
Birthday:         July 30th
Star Sign:        Leo
Gender:           Female
Height:            5'1" (155 cm)
Blood Type:     B
Ethnicity:         Asian
Nationality:     Japanese
Club:               N/A
School:            Ouran Middle School (Later Ouran Academy)
Occupation:     Last-year Middle School student (Anime)
                        Kyoya Ootori (husband)
                        Hikaru Hitachiin (Older Brother)
                        Kaoru Hitachiin (2nd Older Brother)
                        Ageha Hitachiin (Younger Sister)
                        Yuzuha Hitachiin (Mother)
                        Mr. Hitachiin (Father)
                        Kazuha Hitachiin (Grandmother)

Chizuru Hitachiin is the 3rd oldest in the Hitachiin family. Only being a year younger then her twin brothers, Hikaru and Kaoru, she shows herself to be a bit more mature. Finding her brothers to be quite a pain with their pranks on her at home. She acts coldly around them in flashbacks, but later on she warms up to them thanks to the Host Club Founder, Tamaki Suoh. Her interests are much like her father's, she tends to keep herself cooped up in her room working on computer software development. (She helped make the Host Club's website). Only after the joining the High School and becoming friends with Haruhi, does Chizuru start becoming more out and about, even developing a crush on Kyoya Ootori and later on becomes engaged to him after graduation. (Kyoya proposing at the ceremony)

Kyoya: Perhaps, now is the time to begin building a bright future for the company... and 'us'


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I've been a little worn out with Jet lag since returning to North America so I gotta get my rear back into gear with building. Working on a Game show stage...


I want to get ideas ready for my next one. I'm thinking of an amusement park ride (Those tunnel ones, like Pirates of the Caribbean at Disney world. But I need a good theme idea to make it. (Gonna be ride able, should have some scary parts for motion data with clinging to your Partner Rider) LOL

So yeah, pitch me some ideas : ) You'll be credited if picked


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United States
RL Name: Stephanie Harner

Youtube Homepage:…

Age: 25

Birthday: July 30, 1989

Gender: Girl and Single

Skills: (Karate/Sword Fighting, Swimming, Reading, Art, Animation/3D Stuff, Write books, Video Games, Animal Physicic, Work, Clean)

Fav. Food: RAMEN, Seafood, Asian Food, Fruit, Veggies (I'm a dare devil when it comes to trying new foods, even SNAILS which happen to be good)

What I'm Like: I've been a quiet type of person but tend to start talking randomly when I'm comfortable. I have the most strange dreams that I swear could become a world winning film.

I nearly became an actress for DISNEY but my mother wouldn't allow me to attend the agents meeting! I wont forgive her for that... I love acting, I've always acted since I was a little girl. (Was watching Little Mermaid when I was 4, the part where the statue of Eric is destroyed and Ariel cries on the rock, I ran up to the bathroom and threw myself over the tub crying like Ariel. I always acted out movies like that, don't ask about watching The Jungle Book) XD LOL

I take care of my friends and family in all ways I can. Favorite color is red and black. I went to college for Animation but stopped (they don't teach you anything worth learning -_- Waste of money) I plan to do something with animals one day (Always loved them and I'm an animal physicic, I can, in a way, read there minds just like my mom can). I'm a very nice person and always try my hardest and come up with new ideas. Some people think I'm to nice, there are times I can get mean if I'm pushed over the edge.

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